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You never stop learning.

I really enjoyed taking pictures on a trip in South East Asia in 2005 with a compact camera.  


When I came back, I bought an Olympus kit and took many pictures with no real skills. Then, I acquired a Canon 500D, cheap lenses, and I decided to learn more about photography by reading books, websites and attending workshops. 


I am influenced by the work of some famous photographers and in particular, Steve McCurry. I made a selection of several photos I like from professional photographers here.


Now, I am equipped with a Canon 7D, a Nikon F6 and some prime lenses. I try to take less but higher quality pictures and I force myself to engage with people to take portraits.


I give it more years to stick to a style and build up more stories.


I hope you will enjoy some pictures. If interested, I am happy to give publication rights, participate in exhibitions or even sell them with limited number of prints. 




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